Tea Rooms

Afternoon tea is an integral part of English culture and there is no better setting in which to enjoy it, than a tea room. Tea rooms have been part of the towns and countryside of England since the early eighteenth century. Simply put, there is no finer way to relax, either on your own in the company of friends and family.

The team at English Garden know what makes a great tea room - it is the vision which has informed the creation of our company and our products. We have a full range of products that are perfectly suited to tea rooms, and which are available here.

Using these products, together with our great tasting Fairtrade teas and coffees, we have created the ultimate embodiment of that vision, The English Garden Tea Room.

If you would like either to open an 'English Garden Tea Room, or would like to speak to us about converting your existing tea room into an English Garden Tea Room, then please click here.